Fuel System

The fuel system in your conversion can be simplified as shown in the diagrams before. The inline pump used is the same as the inline pump in the donor vehicle. If you do not have any major restrictions, then this pump is happy sucking fuel from a tank and does not require a regulator. We recommend genuine pumps and supply them in our shop.

M57 184/193

Fuel System House of Torque

This fuel circuit contains the original filter with the pressure sensor which should be connected.


Later engines with solenoid injectors are only slightly different, they just use an inline filter rather than one with a pressure sensor:

Fuel System House of Torque


Engines with piezo injectors need the correct  back pressure on the injector spill line and main return line. We sell a suitable restrictor in our shop which will provide 3 bar of back pressure: Click here

Fuel System House of Torque