DDE 5 EWS Sync

For DDE 5 the process is much the same. However, ECUs from E60 models sometimes do not communicate well with INPA. We can resync an ecu for free, we just charge for the return postage. Please email us if you need this service.

Firstly choose the engine type depending on which model your engine is from.

In this case we have chosen E46. Now click DDE 5.0 for M57 new. It should not matter which vehicle model you choose as long as the ECU type is correct.

At next main menu click F6 for Activate.

Then click F1 for synchronize EWS/CAS start value.

Next click F2 for reset.

If you get the ‘process started’ message below, click OK and the F2 again.

If successful you will get the status below, which translates to: Start value programming or resetting was carried out successfully.